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  • Vriksha’s Intra school Cultural Fiesta 2018-19 – Click here

  • VRIKSHA GLOBAL SCHOOL aims to equip the child to take the world with confidence and blaze a trail through life independently.

  • “Management Is about Arranging and Telling, Leadership is about Nurturing and Enhancing ” – Tom Peters.

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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
The BROADWAY 2018 Coming Soon...

The BROADWAY 2018 Coming Soon…

Lights Camera Action
UTSAV 17-18

UTSAV 17-18

Utsav Winner in senior category - HAWKS Utsav Junior in senior...
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What People Say

  • I thank Vriksha Global School for providing such a wonderful schooling experience staffed by such well-experienced teachers. I am a proud Vrikshian…

    Suvetha Chandran – Grade 7

  • I am comfortable and happy to put my children in the hands of Vriksha. I am sure they will grow up with colors, wide wings and flutter around the world with confidence and joy.

    Yamuna Devi – Parent of  Thanoovi & Poornavi

  • We are glad and happy to work with Vriksha, the support and hospitality provided were international, Thank you Vriksha, we look forward to work with you further in future

    – Praveen,

    Assistant Manager

    NIIT Ltd

  • I recently came across the site and can see lots of great content. Fabulous, keep up the good work…


          KG  Co-Ordinator

    Parent of Arun Vettrivel KJ

    – Grade III – Kannadhasan

  • I feel proud to be a Vrikshian’s Mother

    Reena G,

    Parent of Bhaghawanth G

    Level II –  Ixora

  • Vriksha is a platform for creative thinking of students.

    Deepa M,

    Parent of Lakshanaa SD

    Grade V –  Anna Seward

  • I feel mother care at Vriksha.

    Sri Vidhya Sankari S,

    Parent of  Sharveshwaran K

    Level I  –  Arum Lilly

  • Vriksha is a Temple of Learning.

    Deepa C,

    Parent of Nitharasan M

    Grade I –  Thumbelina

  • Different opportunities are available in Vriksha. There are no dought definitely my daughter’s wings will be strengthened to reach the target.

    Nalini C,

    Parent of Kavi vigna S

    Grade IV –  Sarojini Naidu

  • I am very comfortable and happy of parent of Aatithiyaa VR. Because my son excels his talent in all aspects.

    Vijaya N,

    Parent of Aatithiyaa VR

    Grade VII – Arundhathi Roy.

  • Vriksha is a right place to improve our children expertise.

    Sharmila S,

    Parent of  Vaisnav J,Sanjeev J

    Grade – IV Kabirdas

    Level II  –  Arum Lilly

  • My son very happy to come to school everyday.So i felt Vriksha is a 2nd home for my son.

    Chandrakala K,

    Parent of  Subikshan  C K

    Level I  –  Arum Lilly

  • Vriksha gives our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly…

    Saranya S ,

    Parent of Gigiisha Shakcthi

    Grade II –  Goldilocks