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Next Robotics Competition@Kovai

To develop the creativity and problem solving skill through challenging our school students with 4 teams and two mentors participated SwachhBot Manual (Junior) and SmartBot Autonomous (Senior) competition held at Vivekalaya Group of Institution, Coimbatore. Our Junior team remote-controlled robots which will be able to move the plantations, set up sewage pipelines, sort wastes and garbage. Students moved their robots through the designed maze and performed their assigned task within a stipulated time of three minute. The automatic robot which was operated by our senior team they were able to employ smart navigation tools to navigate through a model of a city and perform a series of tasks such as installing air purifiers and efficient solar panels, and setting up and activating Wi-Fi zones in three minutes. The competition started from preliminary to final judging. Three state (Kerela, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) which had 26 schools and 46 teams our Junior team(Shivani MS, Prajith RK, Rajvel Bhalaji T N ) of grade 6, won I Place with a cash award of Rs. 5000/-. All the students were issued with participant certificates

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